Hi! I’m a software developer and indie game creator.

I have experience with game development, mobile development, and more. I am familiar with the C#, JavaScript, C++, Java and TypeScript languages, mostly in that order. I’ve worked with many technologies including Unity, ASP.NET, ARCore, OpenGL and OpenCV, and have worked with the Android, iOS, Windows and Mac platforms as well as web technologies. I’ve completed many projects on my own and with others, start to finish.

My passion is video games. I’ve been playing, modding, and making them since I was a kid. I also build mobile apps and websites. I’ve dabbled in hardware, creative writing, and even amateur filmmaking in the past, but today my focus is  mostly software.

I’ve built a variety of apps, games, and websites over the past several years. You can check out some of my projects on the projects page and my website, and view my work on GitHub and itch.io.